We personally believe this to be a very BAD IDEA for both client and transporter. While this might seem like a savvy solution to your pet transport & auto transport dilemma. The fact is you are liable for many things that might go wrong while a stranger has possession of your car. Some of these things might include illegal criminal drug transporting, unpaid photo enforcement traffic tickets, unpaid toll violations, human trafficking, damage to your vehicle, stolen or swapped out high end auto parts, international border auto theft ect. You won't know if someone swaps out your $2000 catalytic converter for another inferior part. These things can and do happen quite often. You will be opening yourself up to someone that might be purposely looking to exploit the situation through the love for your pets to gain access to your vehicle. We can't seem to understand why any reasonably thinking reputable pet transport service would want to provide this very risky service in a reverse situation scenario. We value ourselves, our drivers and their families way too much to risk putting their lives in jeopardy for others possible deceitful intentions. On top of all that do you really want to risk a stranger driving and treating your beautiful luxury vehicle like a rental car? We prefer to keep our business relations professional. We're sorry but the answer is NO. The risk just isn't worth the reward to us.


WHY DOES Private Ground Transport matter?

We believe Private Ground Transport to be the Best & Safest method of transport for dogs & cats. We specialize in simple Private Non-Stop Ground Transport concentrating only on your pets. Our trips go about 1200-1600 miles per day. After many years of doing this our experience and expertise have shown us that Speed Of Service is the Most Important part of a successful transport. There are many very important reasons for this. Unfortunately, dogs just don't like to be on the road too long. You always want to minimize the chances of them getting sick, stressed out & eventually becoming a flight risk. The longer the transport takes the more potential this has of eventually happening. This is why we don't provide a Shared Group Shuttle service. It unfortunately takes too long to provide adequate service to many different dogs from all different families. These services do not meet the efficiency service standards we provide. Also stressed out animals tend to stress out other well balanced dogs creating an overall unstable and unbalanced atmosphere. Unfortunately you just don't know what strangers are doing with your pets during that long period of time. Many seasoned unscrupulous transporters have many very questionable pet transport methods setup that you might not like. We highly recommend you find a transporter who puts Speed Of Service as a priority. We understand if you are new to Pet Shipping this can be a very nerve wracking experience for you and believe us we get it. Our trips get done fast! It's the best thing for you. It's the best thing for your dog and ultimately the best thing for us as a company. All parties interested want this done quickly and we are here to make it happen. Please be cautious of any services promising Private Ground Transport but quote only driving 500 miles per day or going only 8-10 hours of drive time a day. Unfortunately, some not all may in fact be just putting your dogs on a Shared Group Shuttle instead and just telling you they are going on Private Ground Transport. A professional private service should not take a week long to go cross-country from New York to Los Angeles.


does having bbb accreditation Or other certifications make one service superior?

We do not think BBB is any more credible than any other 3rd Party Consumer Review site such as Google Reviews, Yelp, Facebook ect. The BBB is not a government agency, and says on their blog that it "is not a consumer watchdog". We live in a world of fast information now. Chances are if you want to find out if a business is reputable, a quick Google search will tell you all you need to know. However, BBB and others do bill their members what we feel to be high membership fees for favorable accreditation status. If you have already done your research by now. You will already know that no other service comes even close to our pricing comparing pound for pound for the quality superior service we provide. This happens only because we do not participate in what we feel to be outdated unnecessary expenses that most companies just pass off to their clients costing you more unnecessary money. We are confident enough in our service to have our real clients speak on our behalf about their experience using our service. We do not need the help of an expensive high cost so-called significant accreditation or certification. Would you need this if you were driving the dogs yourself?